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Assignment writing: Where do I start?
Begin by making sure you have understood the question. It would be a shame to write a good essay that’s not actually answering the question; however good the writing, you’ll lose marks. Make a list of reading material and sources. Then draw up an outline for your essay. This structure will help you organise your writing. Make notes as you read, including where you found the material and the publishing details of each book. Once you have done your main reading and made ample notes you can start writing a first draft based on your outline.

How do you write an introduction?
Remember that an introduction is only the beginning of your dissertation, and resist trying to cover every aspect of your thesis in this short space. Briefly discuss your topic, what you plan to achieve, and try to persuade the reader that they want to read further. Why do you want to investigate this topic? Are you covering gaps in research or viewing the subject from a new angle? You should also lead into the main part of the dissertation by briefly summarising each chapter. Keep this part of the thesis brief; you want to introduce your research, not repeat everything that will be covered later.

How do I write an assignment?
Start by reading the question thoroughly. Some questions are not as simple as they first appear, and you can easily end up working on the wrong topic. Once you have understood what you are being asked to do, create an outline of your paper. Then start gathering a list of materials, such as books and journals. Use the index to locate relevant material, make notes, and don’t forget to jot down where the material comes from. Once you have sufficient notes and ideas, start writing your first draft. Don’t be afraid to cut out material that doesn’t fit in, and bear your word limit in mind. It’s ok to exceed it a little, but avoid going too far over. Check that you have answered the question properly, and make any necessary revisions. Then proofread your second draft, making sure that the bibliography is correct, and the paper is correctly formatted.

Is it safe to use your assignment writing service?
Students are sometimes concerned that their university will find out about them using our services. They also worry about the safety of their information, such as name, address, and credit card details. Don’t worry. Your personal information will be kept on a secure database, and your credit card details will be securely disposed of after you pay for your order. There is also no need to be concerned that your university will find out.

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How do I access the completed work?
When your paper is completed we will send you an email to let you know that it’s ready. You can also monitor the progress of your order via your account on our website. The finished paper will then be made available on your account, where you can immediately download it.

What if I want additional corrections made?
For complete customer satisfaction, we offer all customers free revisions of their paper if they are unhappy with the results. For a revision to be made, the paper must have failed to adhere to the customer’s instructions. If the customer requests substantial changes from their original instructions, a new order must be placed.