BR1: R Programming, SPSS , Tableau, Business Analysis 

BR2: SPSS, Advanced Excel , Excel Power Pivot 

BR3: Projects Management, Operations Research, Advanced Excel Charts , Advanced Excel Functions , Excel Dashboard , Excel Dax , Excel Data Analysis , Excel Pivot Tables , Excel Macros, Excel Power Pivot , Excel Power View

BR4 : Appreciative Inquiry , Adv. and Mkt Communications , Consumer Behavior , Customer Relationship Management , Customer Service , Employee Engagement , Employee Onboarding , Human Resource Management , International Business Management , International Finance , International Marketing 

BR5 : Kanban , Management Concepts , Management Principles , Managerial Economics , Marketing Management ,Outcome Measurement ,
Organizational Behavior , Organizational Design , Performance Management , Professional Ethics , Recruitment and Selection , Retail Management , Sales and Distribution Management 

BR6 : Scrum , Strategic Management , Supply Chain Management , Employee Motivation , Employee Retention , Employee Supervision , Sales Forecasting , Sales Planning , Women in Leadership 

BR7 : Work Life Balance , Workplace Civility , Workplace Diversity , Workplace Politics , Workplace Safety , Workplace Stress , Workplace Wellness 

1) 7246-ProfSkills

Assignment Description

• If you are linked to an organisation (government or private organisation for an example) ask what the need for improving the performance level or the process flow (for example; sales, order, or payment process), choose the highest priority and work around that.
• Do you have any family or friends involved in the business organisation, or do you know anyone with a business organisation? Ask them about the performance level or the process flow type that they need (keep it simple).
• Otherwise, do you have any friends with ideas for a business organisation? What would be the major performance level or the process flow type that they need for this organisation?
• Do not try to solve all the problems for the organisation in the few weeks you have and just focus on one problem.
• TASK 1: Organisation Background
Briefly introduce your chosen organisation in terms of name, the industry it operates within, products and services, clients, major competitors and competing for products/services, major processes, ownership, key personnel and key issues/challenges.
• TASK 2: Time Management Plan
Students are required to provide an effective time management plan that will lead to successful submission of your assignment 1 (Report), and the completion of the required activities that included in this assignment.
• TASK 2.1: Work Breakdown Structure
Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) for your project with date, and summary of project activities. Use a table with columns for activity number, start date, finish date, activity name, activity description, planned action, status, and any other notes. The purpose of WBS is to identify each task in your project and include an estimated duration.
• TASK 2.2: Task-Sequencing Approaches
After work breakdown structure (WBS) has been designed, students need to present the project details that are mentioned in the WBS using one of the following Task-Sequencing Approaches:
• Network Scheduling
• PERT Chart
• Gantt Chart
• TASK 3: Fact-Finding
Develop a fact-finding for planning and analysis in order to determine improvements in organisational processes. This fact-finding plan should include; interviews, documentation review, observation, questionnaires, and research.
• TASK 4: Organisation Chart
Review and draw the organisation chart for your chosen organisation. Then, list the individuals (working at various levels of organisational structure) and their roles for those who you would like to interview. Prepare a list of objectives for each of the interviews you will conduct.
• TASK 5: “AS IS” Process
Provide an “AS IS” process diagram by using Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) or Unified Modelling Language (UML) notation. The “AS IS” diagram should explain the process flow of your chosen organisation. Then, explain which process flow in this diagram that you want to improve.
• TASK 6: Report to Top Management
Assume you have completed the planning and analysis phases of your project for your chosen organisation. Write a report to the top management (CEO). This report at a minimum should include the objectives, background, processes undertaken, scope, and recommendations to the top management (CEO).
• TASK 7: Presentation/Report Structure
This task includes providing a cover page (title page) for your report and writing up your report details with clarity and professionalism.

2) 7155-Proj Management

Assignment Description

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program offers free tax help to people who generally make $54,000 or less, persons with disabilities, and limited English speaking taxpayers who need assistance in preparing their own tax returns. IRS-certified volunteers provide free basic income tax return preparation with electronic filing to qualified individuals. More information on the program can be found online ( … volunteers).

VITA sites are generally located at community and neighborhood centers, libraries, schools, shopping malls, and other convenient locations across the country. Some of these sites have a large number of volunteers to assist these individuals, while other sites have very few volunteers compared to the number of people visiting the site for assistance.

One VITA site is Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). At this site, students are trained and certified by the IRS to participate in the program. More information about VITA at SNHU can be found online (

There is an initiative to be able to utilize the number of volunteers at the SNHU site to be able to process tax returns for not only the individuals that physically come to this site, but also to help out other remote sites that do not have as many volunteers. Right now, the process to be able to do this process remotely requires the volunteer at the other site to meet with the individual, look at any sensitive information in person (social security cards, etc.), scan any of their documents (W2, etc.), and upload those documents to Dropbox. Once the documents are in Dropbox, the VITA coordinator at SNHU is emailed, and they will in turn email the link to the student volunteer to process. Once it is complete, this process requires more emails to be able to eventually get the documents to the volunteer at the other site, who then can pass them along to the individual.

This process is not efficient and requires a lot of emails for the various steps. There is also a possible problem of two volunteers working on the same document, as there is no capability in the system to check in and out documents. If this is to be scaled up to provide support to more remote sites across the state and possibly to a national level, a more efficient system is needed.

The primary requirements for this product are:
– The process needs to support multiple sites submitting documents for the SNHU VITA program to process
– There should be an easy way to see if a volunteer is in the process of working on those documents to avoid duplication
– If this continues to grow, there should be the capability for other universities to be able to join SNHU with processing the documents
– There are security concerns for the system, based on the data being submitted (the software program used to prepare the tax returns is TaxSlayer Pro – this can be used as a starting point for ideas about what kind of data is used and any security that is typical for this data)
– The potential for the individuals to be able to check the status of their documents online or submit the documents directly instead of going to a remote site is a bonus

Instead of developing a solution in-house, the SNHU VITA program has decided to acquire and integrate a solution. The solution may be a single product or an effort that integrates multiple products with minimal additional effort required for integration to minimize cost.

3) 7159-Statistics

Assignment Description

In this work(3000 words), you should show the effectiveness of a direct marketing action of a sales company, targeted at improving the sales made via the company’s website.The marketing action was the company’s website. The marketing action was a campaign with the following steps: 1) sent physical flyers to a set of 15,000 customers who had made a purchase, and 2) contacted these customers also via email.

You have available a database of the contacted customers, with several customer profile variables, explained below, with three outcome variables:

Project Statement – In this work, you will study the effectiveness of a direct marketing action of a sales company, targeted at improving the sales made via the company’s website. The marketing action was a campaign with the following steps: 1) sent physical flyers to a set of 15,000 customers who had made a purchase, and 2) contacted these customers also via email.
You have available a database of the contacted customers, with several customer profile variables, explained below, with three outcome variables:
• Visit (whether the customer visited the store website in the next three months following the marketing actions),
• Conversion (whether the customer made a purchase in the next three months), and
• Spend (how much money the customer spent, if any, in the following three months).
In an attempt to improve its future decision-making, the company wishes to understand whether customers
responded to the marketing action or not. Additionally, the company also wants to define customer’s profiles following these analyses. You have been tasked with this and therefore you must provide a professional report that answers the following questions:
Question 1. Perform basic data analysis tasks over each predictive variable. What are their statistical properties? Are there outliers? Are any other corrections necessary? If any errors in the data are found, correct their values so that your analyses are statistically valid.
Question 2. Develop a statistical test to study the relationship between each predictive variable and the target variable “visit”. How do you define the customer that responded to the marketing campaign with a visit?

4) 7160-projmanagement

Assignment Description

You have been contracted by a company to develop an information system for $50,000. During this assignment, you will provide a project management plan for the proposed system. The business that you design the information system for is of your own choosing. Preferably develop a system for an area that you are interested in, have had prior experience, or perhaps for a company you work for.
You cannot design the system for the same company that another student has chosen, nor can you reproduce a design for an existing well-known company. The information system you chose should be of small to medium size/complexity.
You are required to deliver the following specifications before the project can commence

5) 7161-proj management

Assignment Description

ASAP Methodology of a C++ Program that converts Images to Ascii Values:
1) Project Preparation:
• Goal Setting:
The purpose of this program is to convert chain of custody image into text values(ascii that computer can understand) that latter can be used for editing and deleting some words.
• Implementation strategy and sequence:
It’s simple. A character that you’re using in your program already have an ASCII-value, but you sees it like a character. If you want to have the value itself, you can simply convert the character to an integer.

• // C++, with C++ type-casting
• char cMyCharacter = ‘A’;
• int iMyAsciiValue = static_cast<int>(cMyCharacter);
You can actually leave out the type-casting part. C++ is built in the way that when an integer-variable meets a char-variable, it automatic converts.
One of the (first) things I tend to do when programming is to devise which are the steps the program should take in order to achieve the desired outcome. It is not the only method to develop a general scheme of what the program has to do, but in this case we will work our way backwards. Starting from the ASCII art image we will try to guess from where did it come and how it was obtained.
Clearly there has been a point in the process of generating the ASCII art image where each pixel or region of pixels from the original image has been mapped to a certain character. Since the final output is the ASCII image we won’t be too wrong if we assume that this is the last step of our process.

(figure 1)
Now we have to deduce if the image used as input for the mapping is the original image or if there has been some pre-processing applied to it before this mapping step. Since the ASCII art image is made only of black characters over a white background, which from a certain distance looks like a grayscale image, a good guess is that a grayscale version of the original image is the image used as a reference for the mapping.

6) 769720-Project Management

Assignment Description

QUANTITATIVE RISK ANALYSIS – Monte Carlo Simulation (Based on Topics 10,11 & 12)
Learning Objective of Assignment – To apply risk analysis quantitative techniques to projects
Select a project. Can be from your work experience; or a social project (could be same project as Part A of Assignment #1. It is
best for learning purposes if the project is a real future project (could use project from Time Management or Cost Management
BUDGET REPORT (using Monte Carlo Simulation)
NOTE: This is a formal project management document, not an academic assignment.
Produce a BUDGET REPORT document to the Project Sponsor, who is not knowledgeable about the cost estimating process or
Monte Carlo simulation, that must strictly have has the following sections (a-f):
a) Introduction: e.g. executive summary (key results within the report), project scope, and any other relevant information (10
b) Recommended Baseline Budget (excluding contingency), Composed of 10-30 cost variables (10 marks)
(This is a deterministic estimate based on most likely value for each cost variable, excluding risk events and contingency).
Structure and content of the cost model
Explain the source of information used to produce this budget
Once you have completed the above deterministic baseline budget, then conduct Monte Carlo Simulation
(including correlations). Your cost model for MCS will:
 replace deterministic values in the Recommended Baseline Budget with probability distributions ,
 and add 2 specific risk events
c) Brief explain your 2 risk events (one short paragraph each risk – briefly explaining what the risk event is. Do not
discuss: causes; probability or consequences; or treatments ) (5 marks) (Note: you must chose/explain risk events that if
they eventuate they will increase the sponsor’s budget)
d) Recommendation for Contingency (explaining reasons) (10 marks)
e) Sensitivity Analysis – based on the Tornado Chart, explain to the Sponsor how you will control and minimise the
following :
I. Most sensitive cost variable (10 marks)
II. Most sensitive risk event (10 marks)
f) Compare and comment on the your cost results against the organisational policy that states “it is expected that the
Baseline Budget should have an 80% probability of being with a range of -5/+10%,” (10 marks)
g) Appendix:
I. Quick Output Report (no marks but should be referred to in answering above points)
II. The sponsor wants to understand MCS. To facilitate this, the sponsor has asked:
i. Explain and justify the selected values (minimum, most likely and maximum) in the probability distributions for
ONE of the cost variables (10 marks )
ii. Explain and justify the selected values (minimum, most likely and maximum) (10 marks) and probability of
occurrence for ONE of the risk events (5 marks)
III. Correlation matrix. Select 2 correlated variables (i.e. one correlation) from your cost model. Explain why they
might be correlated. And the likely nature and strength of this correlation (5 marks )
Professional Report Style Presentation (5 MARKS)
Format – One and half spacing, Arial narrow 10 font, 2.5cm margins, WORD, submit through turnitin

7) 7165-STP

Assignment Description

“….positioning and segmentation are distinct parts of the [marketing] strategy and provide us with some extremely powerful tools; but ultimately they are linked by the central issue of focusing on satisfying customer’s needs in ways that are superior to competitors” (Hooley et al, 2012 p183)*.
* Hooley et al (2012) Marketing Strategy & Competitive Positioning. 5
th ed. Harlow
By reference to academic literature, explore, evaluate, and critique, the concept of Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning (STP). Use appropriate industry examples (plural) to exemplify how organisations (plural) have applied  STP, to demonstrate your learning and application of this topic.
Indicate how any company could apply the concepts around STP, making generic recommendations.
You are required to produce an essay that demonstrates your understanding of this key aspect of strategic marketing.
The essay should have:
 a sound theoretical and conceptual perspective, containing evidence of critical debate with reference to appropriate academic literature
 sound examination of STP and its application in industry showing an effective practical foundation,
 generic management recommendations.

8) CE0002-Critical Reflective Journal

Assignment Description

EXAMPLE CRJ for a fictitious student Judy – 29 years old, single.
She went to comprehensive school, got a 2:1 degree in Business and Management from a university in the north of England. Has a supportive family and friend network. She lives 60 miles outside of London. She is good with people. She knows she is open-minded and sociable. She dislikes inefficiency, people who are prejudiced but is scared of new
situations. Often, she might be seen as “over confident” which others find annoying. Since leaving university she still lives with her family, but commutes to London. She has worked for the past five years for a small financial company within their project team. Her experiences of PM are on small-scale projects. Before getting the job, she did temporary work in a travel agency, other office work and worked in a pub. She has done volunteering.
To create this narrative, Judy has made a conscious plan of what she will read.
1. PM Journals, Business Journals
2. Blogs, Twitter feeds? – anything she feels will inspire her
3. Personal Development, Institute of Personnel etc
4. Personal Analysis material
She will make a conscious plan to talk to trusted people who know her – family / friends / work colleagues.
She will try to understand the negatives – things which irritate her / annoy her / things she cannot work with (situations / events) She will also try to understand the “networks” in PM, be they professional, social etc in order
to get a feeling of how people move on in the project management world.
She will also try to understand the essential attitudes, behaviours and attributes that are required by the PM industry.
She must also try to get a fundamental grasp of what a good project manager must demonstrate they can “offer” to an employer. She may not have these now, but she must be able to set a plan where she can acquire them.
After the initial analysis, Judy has begun to understand her strengths and weaknesses and she must develop a plan to enhance the positives in her skills, character etc, but also to try to find a way she can deal with things which she sees as negative.
From this she can then develop a working timetable for her 5 year plan. By this time she will be 34 years old. She may have to think about what her personal circumstances might be like during that time, for example will she move out of her family home, will she likely get married, start a family and importantly what kind of work/life balance she really wants

9) 32052-Annotated Bibliography

Assignment Description

This is the format i need that is emerging technologies assgnmt 3..also Tips on A3 Annotated Bibliography
* You can have more than 12 articles in A3 bit only the first 12 will be evaluated.
This may be a sample of a bigger collection in your continuing project work beyond 4 September Due Date.
* Task 1 is 2000 words (10-12 pages) but can be much longer as some of you are doing more articles in a bigger literature review as you project.
* These are length guides only. Consider 2000 words (150-200 words per annotation) as minimum and (400 words per annotation) – 4800 as maximum.
* I rather not set such limits but when they are not there, then students ask for them. 12 articles is the number most wanted.

10) SA0018- SA04092018083 Model Report Assignment 1200+ words

Assignment Description

Project Title: How critical thinking makes QUTIC students’ study easy?

Project Description:
This project is being conducted as part of my post graduate studies at QUT International College.
Critical thinking is a concept to analyse your QUTIC students’ information, observation, experience and reflection.
Amount of time required to complete questionnaire: This questionnaire will only take 3 to 5 minutes to complete.
Expected outcomes:
We are expected to find out that many students in QUTIC are not practising critical thinking well.
Students can gain number of benefits such as better control of your own academic learning and empathy for study points of view.
Use of data:
Your responses will only be accessible by students and staff of this unit at the International College. Any wider publication of this information will be in an anonymous form so your confidentiality will be preserved.
Your participation in this study is voluntary and will in no way impact upon your relationship with QUT (eg your grades / access to services).

11) 32170-Centred Design

Assignment Description

Imagine you are part of a user interface development team for a company that manufactures medical devices. The team is considering using personas for their next project. However, no one in the team has used them before. Your
task is to prepare a report for the development team on whether or not they should use personas in the project. Issues you
should address in your report:
■ What are personas and why are they used?
■ What are the pros and cons of using personas?
■ Have any researchers used personas in this domain (i.e.,
medical devices) before? If so, what did they do and what
did they find?
■ What are your recommendations to the team about using
personas in the project (i.e., should they use personas in the project)?
Due to the safety critical nature of medical devices (i.e., malfunction may result in death or serious injury), the team is most concerned with using techniques that will get the best outcomes
for the project.

12) SA0034-SA1909018168 HI5017 Managerial Accounting

Assignment Description

1. You are to choose one management accounting topic from the list below for this assignment, and register your chosen topic with your lecturer in class or via email before commencing the assignment.
2. Select one topic only:
 Activity-based costing (ABC)
 Budgeting
 Standard Costing
3. Select two research-based journal articles relating to your selected topic in (1).
The journal articles need to study a real-life organisation (in any country), and its use of the management accounting tool related to your topic.
You are encouraged to choose the two journal articles from the following
Accounting and Management Accounting Journals:
 Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
 Journal of Management Accounting Research
 Journal of Applied Management Accounting Research

13) 32406-System Management

Assignment Description

CharlieChocolates is a renowned chocolate manufacturing business requiring the setting up of a LAN
for their office located in east Perth. They have four departments: Inventory, Marketing, Sales, and
Accounting. All objects (e.g., users, computers, etc.) belonging to these departments need to be created within
their respective Organisational Unit (OU) for their own department. CharlieChocolates requires the
following LAN services:
1) Centralised user authentication
2) Print server for users
3) All computers should acquire the IP addresses automatically from a server
4) Hosting of their own website using their own server
MN506 System Management Page 3 of 5
Prepared by: Dr Jahan Hassan Moderated by: Dr Nandini Sidnal July, 2018
5) The company wants to store all the files on a separate file server and only users with appropriate
access will be able to access them (not every user should have access to the files). You can assume
which users/groups will have access to these files, and state your assumption clearly.
Scenario 2: Local Area Network (LAN) to support Windows Server with multiple domains
TechGuru is an IT consulting company needing to setup a LAN for their main office which is located in
Melbourne. They have three different departments named Operations, Consultants, and Marketing. All
objects (e.g., users, computers, etc.) belonging to those departments should have their own Organisational
Unit (OU). The clients require the following technologies to be implemented within their LAN:
1. Two different domains. One is allocated for the administrator and the other is allocated for everyone
else (users)
2. Centralised user authentication for different domains
3. All computers should acquire their IP addresses automatically from a server
4. The Company should host a website from their own server
5. Your configuration should reflect the above criteria and display different privileges assigned to the
different domains’ users belonging to these domains.
Scenario 3: Local Area Network (LAN) to support Windows Sever and Linux Client Environment
With the growing base of users of Linux, MacroSoft Software, a software development company which
was planning to create a Windows server based LAN decided to also support Linux clients to authenticate using
the Active Directory. The company has three different departments named Operations, Finance and
Marketing. All objects (e.g., users, computers, etc.) belonging to these departments should have their own
different OU. The clients require the following technologies to be implemented within their LAN:
1. The company requires a centralised user authentication support for Linux clients
2. All computers should acquire IP addresses from a server
3. The company should host a website through their own server
4. There should be hardware virtualisation platform
Scenario 4: Setting up technology/features for Linux Server and Windows Client Environment
Adventura, a Sydney-based new company is looking at setting up a LAN for their office. They have three
different departments named General, Finance, and Marketing. All objects (e.g., users, computers, etc.)
belonging to these departments should have their own different OU. The users require the following
technologies to be implemented within their LAN:
1. The client wants to use the Linux operating system as a server side operating system with the
LDAP/SAMBA service to communicate between windows client machines and a Linux server
2. Centralised user authentication for Windows clients
3. The company wants to store all the files on a separate file server and only users with appropriate
access will be able to access them (not every user should have access to the files). You can assume
which users/groups will have access to these files; state your assumptions clearly, as well as configure

14) 32560-Assessment item 3

Assignment Description

Refer to background information provided in Assessments 1 and 2 regarding the Headspace NewAccess project.
The project is considering cloud based solutions which should be investigated. Consider various aspects of cloud based solutions such as: data security, which includes data ownership (by Headspace, the young person, medical professionals, the Emergency Department etc). As well as other relevant aspects of cloud solutions.
Complete the Following
Please refer to the marking guide when preparing your response to see what criteria and standards will be used to assess your work and your progress.
Non-Functional Requirements
• This sets out the critical system qualities, system interfaces, user interface requirements, and system constraints.
• Use to ‘FURPS+’ acronym as reference, and ensure that you cover the non-functional aspects of the acronym, Usability, Reliability, Performance and Security.
Review of cloud based.
A review of the strengths and weaknesses of cloud based solutions, taking into consideration the environment in which the solution will be deployed.
SDLC Approach
Write brief description of the Pros and Cons to approaching the project using the ‘Predictive’ SDLC, then the Pros and Cons to approach the project as ‘Adaptive’ SDLC. Then recommend either Predictive or Adaptive to the SDLC for the project and briefly describe why.

15) 7201-Project Management

Assignment Description

The objective of this assignment is to assess your understanding of basic project management
concepts and your proficiency in using project management software to produce project charts and
reports. In particular, the assignment focuses on the following project management knowledge areas
in the PMBOK: project integration management, project scope management, project time
management and project cost management.
Your task is to develop a project case to incorporate “Voice Recognition” technologies for a major
tourist attraction along a major Australian highway. There are many franchises of this business. The
development is for a private tourist business which attracts domestic and international customers
from all walks of life including adults, teenagers, children and senior citizens, on a cost recovery
The business attracts around 200,000 families per year. The various business Information Systems
are quite dated, coming with a number of legacy systems, and the efficiency of the systems in
producing management reports is found to be lacking.
The management board decided to incorporate “Voice Recognition” technologies to accommodate
both local and remote customers through “Voice Recognition” technologies. The immediate task at
hand is to develop a business plan including financial modelling aspects, human resource
requirements, scheduling tasks, and customer relationship system requirements. The management
board would like to see an integrated, up-to-date “Voice Recognition” technologies being developed
that can operate both for local as well as remote potential customers, but can also provide full services
to customers through the latest handheld wireless devices in addition through “Voice Recognition”
technologies. The existing infrastructure has been updated with new core systems but require
additional enhancement to support wireless and voice recognition.
The current environment does have a wireless interface to support the wider use of “Voice
Recognition” technologies, but the management board is concerned with the amount of traffic over
the wireless technology infrastructure for this tourist base business organisation. There are 1000
employees, some of whom access the various systems from remote locations.
Your task is to develop a business professional report for the CEO of the business. In the business
report, you are expected to provide a complete business plan/project management document to
provide an initial idea and scope as to the costs of the project. Your business plan/project
management document submission should include the following as per the assignment requirements

16) EM0090- EM201832MAN919CN_1

Assignment Description

In this assessment task, you will present a proposal for the major project assignment as a team of 5 members. Proposal template is available on Moodle. The project must be selected from the networking or the telecommunication area.

The project duration should not be less than 12 Months. Before starting, seek approval for the proposed project from your laboratory tutor. Address all stages of Project Management as outlined in the unit. A suitable project management software (e.g. MS Project 2010) must be used.

The project report should include all phases of a project life cycle, i.e. Initiating, Planning, Executing and Closing. Project Management Plan helps the management team to maintain a constant focus towards delivering the project in accordance with the customer needs and expectations.

The development of such a plan begins with the business case (refined from the Project Charter), project objectives and goals, success criteria, scope, high-level schedule, stakeholder expectations, communication plan, benefits and costs, governance and resourcing, management approach, risk management plan, and potential ethical issues.

The project documents ensure a consistent understanding of the project, help to set expectations, and identify resources necessary to move the project to the next level of detailed planning. Every project must be delivered in a manner that captures the user’s trust and confidence in the chosen projects ability to effectively and efficiently deliver quality services/products. In order to ensure project success, it is imperative that good project management principles are used early in the planning stages. As the project becomes more defined, the Project Management Plan becomes the tool by which the project is managed effectively.

Students should include all aspects of the project as if they were the Project Manager and it is a requirement of the subject that they include the use of software (e.g. Microsoft Project). Students are expected to show evidence of self-directed reading and research using credible resources including, but not limited to their prescribed text. The assignment will be marked on the basis of depth of analysis, research, references and integration of all aspects of project management.

Assessment will be on the basis of the realistic nature of the project and how well it is presented. You should present the final document in a form that would be consistent with the details of your chosen project, and written in Business English in a report format. Make sure that the timeline, the budget and the quality of the work is realistic, justifiable and sufficiently attractive to win a tender for a real project.

17) SA0042-SA041020180013 MITS4001 Business Information Systems Assignment 1800+

Assignment Description

SSL have grown over the last 30 years to be one of the main providers of private security services in the UK. Turnover for the financial year ended April 1995 was up 17% to £98.4 million from the previous year. Profitability has remained steady at around 9.2% of turnover for three successive financial years. SSL provides a wide range of services to companies, individuals and the public sector. The company has grown owing to a combination of factors including organic growth from the original core business, start-ups in associated areas of security and finally takeover of and merger with companies providing related services. The range of services offered include:
• Armoured transport for conveying substantial amounts of cash and cheques between
businesses and banks, cash from banks to businesses for wages, and conveyance of highvalue items between various parties;
• Provision of security services for businesses – these will include security guards (day and/or night-time cover), analysis and installation of security devices and regular security
sweeps of business premises;
• Provision of domestic security services – this includes the analysis of domestic security needs and the installation of appropriate security devices. The most recent addition to
the range of services has been the transfer of prisoners between police cells, the courts.

18) 826373-Project Management

Assignment Description

PROJECT TILTE: Commonwealth Bank Mobile Application
The Commonwealth Bank of Australia turned into installed by using the Commonwealth Bank Act 1911, delivered by way of the Andrew Fisher Labor Government, which favored financial institution Nationalization, with impact on 22 December 1911. The financial institution opened its first branch in Melbourne on 15 July 1912. Australian multinational bank with organizations throughout New Zealand, Asia, the United States and the UK. It affords a variety of economic services consisting of retail, business and institutional banking, funds management, superannuation, coverage, funding and dealer services. The Commonwealth Bank is one of the “large four” Australian banks